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  • Make Kikkoman Soy Sauce a truly global seasoning

    Globally spread the North America lifestyle - where Kikkoman Soy Sauce has become part of daily life - and fuse Soy Sauce and the local food cultures of each country.

  • Create new delicious experiences around the world, and contribute to richer, healthier lifestyles

    Innovate and differentiate always to offer meaningful products and services that will lead to healthy lifestyles with delicious food worldwide.

  • Become a company whose presence in global society is ever more meaningful, through activities unique to Kikkoman

    Contribute to solve global issues so that the company will be valued by people around the world.

  • Offering No.1 values
  • Utilizing management resources
  • Global No.1 strategy
    (Soy Sauce, Oriental Food Wholesale)

    Develop soy sauce and oriental food wholesale business models and consolidate their global No.1 positions.

    Area No.1 Strategy
    (Del Monte, Soy Milk, wine and biotechnology)

    Cement our position as the No.1 brand in each area.

    Creating new businesses

    Utilize internal and external resources to create new businesses.

  • Further take advantage of fermentation and brewing technologies

    Carry out “Offering new values” by further evolving fermentation and brewing technologies and our food processing technologies.

    Human resources, information and cash flow

    Promote and accelerate “Offering No.1 values” through fully maximizing our management resources.

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